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Drop-in Health Service

In recognising that the health and wellbeing of young people is of great importance, we launched in November a new initiative.  This coincided with the publication of the West Sussex Annual Public Health Report 2014/15.  This report reflected the findings of other major governmental reports, which have determined that unless communities are engaged and empowered to take responsibility for their own wellbeing, current health services will be unaffordable. 

The Sir Robert Woodard Academy Health and Wellbeing programme offers a weekly drop-in health service with a Registered Nurse for both students and, if the need arises, their parents.   The service looks to address any health related issues that may be causing concern.   In addition, there is a weekly confidential drop-in service during break and lunchtimes for students who may wish to discuss keeping healthy, emotional health, weight management, sexual health, drugs, alcohol and smoking.

The foundations of good health and wellbeing are laid at the start of life, in pregnancy, childhood and in the teenage years.  Children who have poor health are likely to have poor health as adults which will impact across all aspects of their lives – in particular their educational attainment and future employment opportunities.  Evidence shows that education and health are both crucial in determining an individual’s future.  Those who are well educated have better health and wellbeing.  Schools are an important environment for shaping children’s wellbeing and reinforcing messages and the Sir Robert Woodard Academy recognises this as being a fundamental benefit to promote their students’ broader wellbeing and development, which will benefit their academic learning and future successes.

The Principal, Mr Midwinter, said “A former colleague once said to me that ‘Health is wealth’.  I would go further and maintain that whilst that statement is indeed true having health coupled with a first class education makes an individual even richer and a complete person”.