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Collaboration and inquiry for staff on INSET day

First day back after half term (Monday 25 February) was an INSET day with a focus on staff personal and professional development.

In the spirit of collboration and inquiry, staff spent the day sharing ideas with and learning from their counterparts in other schools such as North Lancing Primary, Downlands in Hassocks and St Paul’s in Burgess Hill. Also many chose to spend the day at the local independent schools within our Woodard network, Hurst College and Lancing College.

The day was hugely successful. Staff who visited Hurst came away with ideas of collaboration across subjects and pushing students to go outside their comfort zone both socially and academically.

Staff feedback on their time spent at our near neighbour, Lancing College, was that the beautiful buildings and grounds give a wonderful learning environment. Teachers observed lessons in art, English and computer science and came away with ideas to encorporate in their own teaching.

A fantastic time was had by our staff who visited North Lancing Primary and The Globe with great admiration flowing towards the 'amazing energy' of the class teachers there and the polite pupils as well as surprise at the high level some Year 5s and 6s were already working at.

Overall a very valuable day spend learning about and sharing knowledge with other schools in our local network.

Thank you to all the schools, staff and students who welcomed us!