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Year 9 students join NHS Skills Club

A group of year 9 students have been taking part in an NHS Skills Club, a 6 week course designed to introduce young learners to the different health and social care career pathways that are available within the NHS.

Based at Brighton General Hospital the sessions cover a wide range of topics  and give the students information about the various jobs on offer for different skills sets.

Session 1 dealt with the importance of good communication skills when dealing with patients and the  general public. Session 2 taught them about working in neo natal and using life sized baby dummies they were taught how to insert a feeding tube, take a pulse, change nappies and clothe a premature baby. They also learnt about community nursing and were told of the variety of roles and qualifications required.

In session 3 students learned about resucitation, practiced CPR on dummies and were shown what to do if someone was choking. They also listened to the career journey of an apprentice.

Our students are benefiting hugely from this course and are looking forward to what the next three sessions will bring!