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Greenpower team tackle first real race

On the 10th June the SRWA Greenpower team took part in their first ever race at the infamous Goodwood race track. 

Over the past few months the students have worked tirelessly to build their car and get it ready for racing, putting in extra after school sessions to ensure they passed the strict race build specification and rules.  Race day was absolutely fantastic with over 100 car entering from schools from all over the south of England.  The students were a credit to the academy working as a team in the pits to help the drivers make swift changes.

In the first race the team placed a creditable 46th and during the break with some minor adjustments to the car the improved in race two to finish in 41st place.  As well as racing the students used the event to learn as much as they could about the car and went on a fact finding mission looking at how other teams had built their vehicles and ways they could improve their own. 

The day was a complete success and a fantastic experience for both the students and the teachers, made all the better by beating all the other local schools competing. The team should be really proud of their efforts and they are already looking towards the next race.

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