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Students on life-changing trip to Kenya

Over the Easter holidays a group of students from SRWA travelled to Kenya on a life-changing expedition with African Adventures.

The team of 13 students and two staff flew from Heathrow to Nairobi on 7th April and returned on 15th April not only with a great tan but a new global outlook. The aim of the trip was to give the students the opportunity to experience a vastly different culture while at the same time making a tangible difference to the lives of those less fortunate by helping with teaching, vital building work and sports coaching.

The trip was incredible and opened the students’ eyes to the reality of what life is like for many ordinary people in Africa. One student commented:  “Travelling to and from the school we passed lots of slums which really opened our eyes as to how little these people have and how grateful we should be”.

They were initially amazed at the condition of the school where they were to teach, the classroom was built up of wooden beams, corrugated iron and chicken wire and the blackboard was nailed onto a dried mud wall. Another student said: “It’s crazy to think that we take everything for granted in the UK whereas a gravel floor is considered amazing here!”

Teacher and trip leader Miss English commented; “Each day there was a growing feeling of collaboration and friendship between our group but also with our Kenyan friends. All of our students, but particularly our younger ones, were amazing in the way they coped in such a new culture and away from home with such bravery." 

Teacher and trip leader Miss Barr said: "My heart burst with pride at our wonderful team and compliments made about everybody’s incredible efforts and commitment.”

Well done everyone. What an incredible time you have all had.

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