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Cambridge University visit for Year 10

This Saturday, Careers Leader Mrs Morley and Maths teacher Mrs Roche took 14 Year 10 students to visit Cambridge University with the aim of experiencing a top level university and exploring the opportunities that are available there.

The students attended a lecture where they learned about the admissions process as well as the importance of GCSEs and how they can impact on your A level and university choices. Students then had the option of either attending an Arts and Humanities lecture or a Science lecture. Current students were also on hand to talk about their journeys and their time at Cambridge.

As Mrs Roche is a Cambridge graduate herself the group was lucky enough to be able to look around Corpus Christi college and Clare College. Students also walked into Cambridge town where they were surprised by the huge numbers of cyclists!

The students had a Q&A session with one of the current fellows at Clare College and asked about student life at Cambridge and the support for students on an academic and personal level and further discussion surrounding subject choices and admissions process.

University visits are starting earlier these days. Before Christmas, 20, Year 7 and Year 8 students visited the University of Sussex, for a multi taster day, which aimed to give students first-hand experience of university style learning. The students spent time with different academics and they took part in three subjects, English, Media and Science. In the last session students were exposed to a tarantula and a live cockroach, which if they wished they were able to hold.