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Sixth form chemists make aspirin in the classoom

Sixth form students at SRWA have been gaining first-hand experience of the pharmaceutical industry by making aspirin in the classroom.

The Royal Society of Chemistry granted some money to SRWA Science department for the A level chemists to purchase new high tech equipment and carry out a research project. Students were able to make aspirin in the classroom and then test the products they made using new melting point apparatus and chromatography tanks.

A collaboration with The University of Sussex called “spectroscopy in a suitcase” will also mean the students can see if they’ve managed to synthesise a pure compound.

Dr Furlong, A level Chemistry teacher said “It’s the first time we’ve had such state of the art equipment to enable the students to perform this experiment and analyse their compounds this thoroughly. The students were very engaged with the practical work and we look forward to getting the results of the analysis from The University of Sussex. It makes a difference when they can see first-hand how common pharmaceuticals can be made."