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Students experiment with behavioural economics

A-level Economics students have been experimenting on younger students (not as sinister as it sounds!) with a behavioural economics exercise.

In a bid to get the lower year groups to find the fun in litter picking they devised an exercise which rewarded those who put their rubbish in the bin. The 'blue' team (those collecting blue litter) turned the bin into a basketball game by installing a hoop over the mouth of the bin and the 'red' team (those collecting red coloured litter) played a tune on their live instruments whenever anyone binned any rubbish.

Using the total haul of red and blue litter the students created a wall mural to celebrate the Brighton Hove Albion V Liverpool FC match (but don't mention the score!)

The experiment was a success in that the younger students became enthusiastic about a job usually viewed as a chore because it was made fun!