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Incredible STEM opportunities from new link

SRWA students are to conduct real life science research and contribute to publishable scientific work thanks to a new partnership with The institute for Research in Schools (IRIS)

Kicking off with something very ambitious the students’ first project is to work with the Sanger Institute in Cambridge ( to help decode the genome of the human whip worm, a common parasite that infects children and adults across Africa causing many health problems. The project will not only support the students’ learning but will genuinely contribute to improving the understanding of the whipworm and potentially open up avenues for drugs and vaccines that target it.

Darren Harman head of STEM at Sir Robert Woodard Academy said: ”This partnership will offer fantastic opportunities to our students that will not only enrich their learning of topics studied in lessons, but also provide an opportunity to participate in cutting edge science research that will provide a unique talking point/edge for them in future interviews at the country’s top universities ”.