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About our Academy

We promote a safe environment that enables students to be confident learners and to experience success. We develop a passion for learning within each student through our innovative teaching methods with the aim of creating independent young people who are driven to learn and succeed.

About the academyEvery student is valued, recognised as an individual and encouraged to develop his or her individual interests and strengths regardless of ability.  Students are taught in ability groups in maths and science which enables effective targeting of needs and includes provision for gifted and talented students and those with learning difficulties. Each student’s progress is regularly monitored by their Chapter Progress Manager and tutor, with targets set and reviewed to ensure sustained high performance.

"Our aim is to be recognised as a centre of excellence where learning is fun and high standards are achieved."

We desire to work in partnership with parents and carers to best support our young people to be successful in their learning and to progress throughout their time at the Academy.

The Academy provides a comprehensive enrichment programme for students of all ages.  Social development and teamwork are essential aspects of personal wellbeing. A range of opportunities for developing confidence, meeting new friends and pursuing new interests is provided in support of this.

"Our culture is one of success through effort, achievement and service"

A variety of clubs and activities operate across the Academy and beyond, such as sports, orchestra, rock band, choir, dance, arts, archaeology, reading, computer, ecology and more.  These operate mainly at the end of the formal academy day.  A full list of clubs and activities with times is provided for parents at the start of each term and will be on our website.  In addition to the regular academy based clubs, we offer a range of residential experiences for students to take part in.  These may be in pursuit of individual interests or following fundraising or service to others.  These events enable students to experience learning within a global context.  Parents are notified of these opportunities on an ongoing basis.

Students are also encouraged to participate in chapter events, to be involved in the work of the chapter student council and to take up student leadership roles for their chapter.