Vision, Values and Ethos

Our Vision

Our vision is based on high expectations, inspirational leadership and increasingly personalised learning pathways, leading to improved educational achievements and enhanced opportunities as our young people prepare for, and move into, adult life.

We focus on ensuring a first-class holistic education that stimulates, challenges and develops the whole person, and enables each individual student to achieve in all areas of their school life.  We ensure that they keep pace with national and international developments, providing students with the real-life skills that will benefit them throughout their lives.

Alongside outstanding teaching and learning, we provide a huge range of extra-curricular activities that develop new interests and skills, celebrate all aspects of learning, and challenge young people to move out of their comfort zone.

"Our aim is to be recognised as a centre of excellence where learning is fun and high standards are achieved."

Our Values

Our values are rooted in our Christian ethos and are central to our vision.

We reflect respect for diversity, care for our local and global community and act as stewards to preserve and value our environment.

Our curriculum as well as our enrichment activities embody British values and responsible citizenship.

In unity we work together as a family, showing love and respect for others, confidence in ourselves, and pride in our achievements.