Instrument Lessons

Regulations and Conditions for Instrumental Music Lessons

This is a document for parents / guardians; ‘you’ refers to ‘you, the parent or guardian’

1. How group lessons are organised
Lessons are 30 minutes long, and are taught to small groups of up to four pupils. Pupils will be expected to take part in Academy ensembles appropriate to their musical development.

2. How pupils are accepted
Prospective pupils should discuss their interest in learning an instrument with the Artistic Director for Music Performance prior to requesting an application form. A completed form should be returned to Mrs A. Okines, who will coordinate each application with the instrumental teacher and decide when lessons will start. This depends on the spaces available.

3. The cost of lessons
The fee from September 2011 is £72 per pupil per term for group lessons. For individual lessons a fee of £100 per pupil per term is payable. A standard course of 30 lessons will be given in a full Academy year.

4. Help with the fees
There is a scheme to help with the fees for students:• A reduction is available for families receiving Income Support, Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance, Free School Meals or Working Tax Credit. This will reduce the fee payable to £45 per term. Parents should contact Mrs. A. Okines at the Academy in the first instance if they believe they qualify for any of these reasons. The benefit entitlement must be current on the first day of each term, even if lessons do not start until later in the term, and recent documentary evidence must be provided. Please note that we can only offer reduced lessons for one instrument. If more than one instrument is studied then the second will be charged at the full rate.

5. How to pay for lessons
The termly fee must be paid in full before lessons can be given, preferably in the first week of each new term. You can pay by cash or cheque, made payable to The Sir Robert Woodard Academy. Invoices will be issued in September, December and April.

6. What happens if payment is late
If full payment is not received by the due date each term the pupil will not be entitled to have lessons until the payment has been received. This may mean that important elements are missed which could affect the pupil’s progress. Once the teacher has been told that payment has been received, lessons can then start again providing that the lessons place has not been

7. If you want to stop lessons
You must write by half-term to Mrs. A. Okines, The Sir Robert Woodard Academy, Upper Boundstone Lane, Sompting, Lancing, West Sussex, BN15 9QZ, Tel: 01903 767434, e-mail if you wish to stop at the end of that term. It is not enough only for the pupil to tell the teacher.

8. If the teacher misses a lesson
The standard course of teaching is 30 lessons in a full academic year. If fewer than 30 lessons have been offered because of teacher absence and another teacher has not been provided, a refund will be given if you apply to Mrs. A. Okines. In some cases it is necessary to rearrange some lessons because of other commitments but every effort is made to ensure that the full course of teaching is reached each year.

9. If the pupil misses a lesson
Where lessons have been missed because the pupil has been absent, a refund will not be given except for special reasons such as prolonged illness. Refunds will not be given because the pupil has been absent due to occasional illness, school trips, examinations, study leave, school closures or similar reasons. Any refund will be made at the end of the academic year, not on a term-by-term basis. Pupils are expected to make the teacher aware of absence in advance if possible, ie trips, examinations. Absence due to illness can be notified to Mrs. A. Okines.

10. Reporting on progress
Progress will be monitored continuously and a written report will be provided twice a year. Contact between the teacher and Academy music staff will highlight any concerns over pupils not progressing at a reasonable rate which will be passed on to you after consultation with the pupil.

11. Obtaining an instrument
All pupils will need to have an instrument for lessons and to practise between lessons. The Academy has a limited number of instruments available and there are a number of local music shops that offer a range of hire schemes. Final arrangements to hire or buy an instrument should not be made until you know when lessons will start. You are recommended to insure the instrument under a suitable all risks or specialist musical instrument policy such as BBIS (tel: 020 8759 0825) or British Reserve (tel: 0870 240 0303).

12. Other costs
You are expected to provide music and accessories and to pay for any external examination for which you wish your child to be entered (at the advice of the teacher).

13. Enquiries, questions and contacts
For general enquiries on any aspect of instrumental teaching at The Sir Robert Woodard Academy please contact Mrs. A. Okines or the Director of Music Performance, Tel 01903 767434 extn 705, or e-mail