SRWA Nightingale circle-02Chapter Head

Mr Davies

Chapter Leader

Ms Earl-Novell

Pastoral Support Officer

Mrs Ramshaw

Brief outline of Chapter

Nightingale chapter is made up of tutors from the science, computer science and SEN departments.  Our tutoring team is dedicated to knowing each student well  and striving to support them in their day-to-day life and work in the Academy.  As well as ensuring students are settled and prepared for learning, we aim to promote high standards and aspirations so that all Nightingale students can achieve their best.  As SEN is one of our specialities, individual needs are well catered-for, and the team of tutors are a close-knit group, so the wider Nightingale family is a close one.  The vertical tutoring system, in which older and younger students come together every morning is central to this ideal.

What makes our Chapter distinctive?

As science, computer science and SEN staff, curiosity, innovation, technology and personalised support are what define our approach – we have a passion for pushing back boundaries! In the spirit of Florence Nightingale, dedication and service to others show in the many activities our students are involved in, and in the science and natural-world related trips, visits, activities and presentations that occur throughout the year, linking with local industries and national bodies to promote learning in STEM subjects.


Nightingale’s values are encapsulated in our motto: ‘Heart, hand and mind’.  We strive for:

  • high expectations in all that we do
  • a supportive environment for students of all backgrounds and abilities
  • open communication with all, both inside and outside our chapter
  • promoting  a sense of fun and friendliness

Our Chapter charity

Our chapter charity for this year is the Queen Alexandra Hospital Home for ex-servicemen and women, based in Worthing. They provide residential and day support and care for injured and elderly veterans.  Students have organised a variety of sales, events and personal challenges to raise money for this worthy cause, which are closely linked to the values of Florence Nightingale herself!