SRWA Dickens circle-02

Chapter Head

Mr Scantlebury

Chapter Leader

Mr Langan

Pastoral Support Officer

Ms Westgate

Brief outline of Chapter

Dickens is the chapter which comprises of a team of tutors from the modern foreign languages and English departments.  We have a committed team of tutors which support students every day; whether it’s helping with personal issues or supporting them academically.  Each day tutors ensure students are ready for the day ahead and are prepared for their learning.

Students in Dickens have a very clear sense of belonging - the vertical tutoring system allows students to support others younger than them.  It also gives them access to students who are older role models who can provide advice.

What makes our Chapter distinctive

  • As the chapter consists of a large number of English teachers, it has a passion for language and literacy; so much so that members of our team  introduced the Drop Everything And Read (DEAR) initiative.  Every day, across the entire Academy, staff and students spend 15 minutes reading for pleasure.
  • Many mentoring sessions involve reading, talking about books and wider reading.


  • Getting to know all aspects of our students, and developing good home/school relationships with families is central to our way of working.
  • Our team encourages students to become more independent and to take ownership of their own learning from within a very supportive environment.
  • Students are also encouraged to develop their social skills through developing strong relationships inside and outside the classroom.
  • The vertical chapter system helps develop confident and responsible students, ready to take on the opportunities of their education here in the Academy.

Our Chapter Charity

This year, our chapter charity representatives put together a proposal to select a new charity.  After presenting to all the tutor groups, students voted online and chose our chapter charity Dravet Syndrome UK.  The charity provides awareness and support for children suffering from a life-shortening form of epilepsy.  It is a worthy charity based in Sussex and students organise events across the year to raise money for the charity.