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The Sir Robert Woodard Academy has a well run kitchen that has been rebuilt with all of the latest high tech equipment for efficiency and healthy eating. We are an in-house catering service working towards incorporating the government’s new School Food Standards for healthy eating in schools.

We offer a breakfast service from 8am where early birds can gather to charge their batteries for the Academy day or just to meet for a chat and a cup of tea.

The Dining Hall provide a wide range of snacks for morning break including fresh sandwiches and wraps, hot snacks and drinks at excellent value for money.

The lunchtime main meals change daily on a 3 week menu cycle. Meals are homemade using the freshest ingredients and students can purchase a hot meal with fresh vegetables or salad for £1.95 and with a pudding for £2.25.

There is also always a tasty vegetarian option available.  Our Gallery shows the kind of food on offer.


What's on the menu?

We also offer a range of hot paninis at lunch for £1.80 or for the smaller appetite a half panini for 95p.


Please contact Mrs Cheryl Bailey to discuss any special dietary requirements.

Cheryl Bailey
Catering Manager


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