Our Specialisms


Our two specialisms are superbly provided for with not only excellent facilities but also the opportunity to contribute to highly innovative ideas and projects.  We therefore aim to provide the very best mathematical education for students of all abilities.  Mathematics and the use of numbers is a key skill and will contribute to success in all types of employment.  We are therefore determined that all our students have a sound mathematical foundation upon which to build their futures and careers. 

Our Mathematics team has strong links with local universities and we are a regular contributor to teacher training programmes, such is our strength in this area.  Mathematics is one skill that genuinely prepares a young person for work. Those who aspire to master the complexities of Mathematics are pushed to the maximum and as our 2016 results demonstrate, are taught and coached to achieve the highest possible examination grades.

Performing Arts

Our second specialism provides skills that are highly regarded and are able to enrich a student’s life.  The Performing Arts are a fundamental part of the Academy’s heritage.  Sompting and Lancing have a long and strong tradition of performance and that is firmly embedded within the Academy’s culture.  The skills acquired; confidence, movement, oracy, self-esteem, creativity, teamwork, determination, perseverance are all recognised as 21st Century Life Skills that are readily transferred to the world of work.

The performing arts teams provide numerous opportunities throughout the year for students to participate in music, dance and theatrical productions; all of which are of an immensely professional and impressive standard.

The performing arts team actively embraces challenging and original material with exceptional results.  Through our taught curriculum and numerous extra-curricular opportunities we are able to provide for every student and give them opportunities to learn new skills, develop as individuals and to celebrate their successes.

A key success of our performing arts provision is the phenomenal number of students who opt to join in at all ages, with year 7 students working side-by-side with older students to produce excellent creative works.