Woodard Academies Trust


Woodard Academies Trust is an education charity formed in 2007 to deliver an academy programme on behalf of Woodard Schools. Created by founder Nathaniel Woodard in 1848, Woodard is the largest group of independent Church of England schools in England and Wales. Woodard Academies Trust and Woodard Schools share a common ethos and vision: to inspire young people to make a difference.
Our ethos reflects our deep commitment to delivering an outstanding education to the students we teach. We prioritise inclusion and value individuals, and excel in delivering pastoral care and personalised learning paths for our students. Our aim is to offer students not only a first-class education, but also to teach them real-life skills that will provide lifelong benefits. We believe that our academies should enrich the communities they serve and play an active role in their development.
Woodard currently sponsors six academies across the UK:
  • Sir Robert Woodard Academy, West Sussex (11-19 years, opened Sept 2009)
  • The Littlehampton Academy, West Sussex (11-19 years, opened Sept 2009)
  • St Augustine Academy, Kent (11-19 years opened Sept 2011)
  • St Peter’s Academy, Stoke-on-Trent (11-16 years, opened Sept 2011)
  • Kings Priory School, Tynemouth (4-19 years, opened Sept 2013)
  • Polam Hall School, Darlington (4-19 years, opened April 2017)
The Woodard family of schools and academies provides many inter-school opportunities; the sharing of best practice and a strength and expertise within education. Their pioneering heritage places much emphasis on leadership and personal development. From attractive, welcoming environments to modern facilities, a Woodard education offer a rich variety of extra-curricular activities, professional teaching and effective pastoral care.
There are 45 Woodard Schools - 22 of them are wholly owned by Woodard, whilst the remainder (affiliated and associated schools) have joined the Woodard family in order to benefit from the sharing of best practice, latest thinking and experience. Such a diverse range of schools - maintained, independent, academies, prep, senior, day, boarding, co-ed, single sex - means that Woodard Schools has unrivalled knowledge of education currently on offer across the UK and is seen as one of the UK’s leading providers of education.
Despite this diversity, all Woodard schools and academies share the founder's vision of an education based on Christian values, coupled with a belief in nurturing and enriching each individual. A vision which challenges those that believe education is simply a matter of teaching and learning utilitarian skills. With a supportive and enriching environment, our schools empower their children and young people and provide a level of confidence that enables them to lead a rich and fulfilled life.


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