Name Date File Size  
Acceptable Use Policy 09th Feb 201795 KB Download
Access to Student Records 06th Feb 2015162 KB Download
Administration of Medicines 06th Feb 2015342 KB Download
Admissions Policy 2017-2018 09th Feb 2017205 KB Download
Anti Bullying Policy 2017 21st Mar 2017312 KB Download
Attendance Policy 08th Mar 2017408 KB Download
Behaviour Policy 06th Jul 2017431 KB Download
Charging and Remission Policy 25th Mar 2015629 KB Download
Complaints Procedure 07th Jul 2016423 KB Download
Exams Policy 2016 13th May 2016261 KB Download
Exceptional Circumstance Absence Request 08th Mar 2017247 KB Download
Marking and Feedback Policy 25th Apr 201781 KB Download
Offsite and Residential Activities Polic... 14th Feb 2017215 KB Download
Recording Images of Children 26th Jun 201595 KB Download
Safer Recruiting Policy 17th Feb 2017779 KB Download
SEN Disabilities Policy 09th Dec 2015196 KB Download
Sex and Relationship Education 04th Jun 2015124 KB Download
SRWA ARR Policy 21st Mar 2017543 KB Download
Transport Policy 04th Jun 201587 KB Download
WAT Child Protection and safeguarding po... 27th Sep 2017612 KB Download
WAT Disclosure and Conflicts of Interest... 10th Feb 2017355 KB Download
WAT Freedom of Information Policy and Pr... 10th Feb 2017230 KB Download
WAT Health and Safety Policy adopted 11... 10th Feb 2017419 KB Download
WAT ICT Acceptable Use FULL Policy CURRE... 10th Feb 2017924 KB Download
WAT Whistle Blowing Policy adopted 15 07... 10th Feb 2017358 KB Download