PIP - Parent Information Portal

We have upgraded our systems, and the old PIP you may have accessed in the past has been upgraded.

Show My Homework

At SRWA we use SRWA to set homework for all students in years 7-11. Students can login using their academy @srwa.co.uk email address and password to login (more details below)

The system also allows you to see personalised information about the tasks set for your children. You can download the app (links below) and use the Show My Homework website. You can login with a PIN which will have been sent to you in the post at the beginning of the year. This will give you access to personalised information about your children, allow you to receive notifications and check when homework is set and when it is due. 

Of course, it is also possible to view your child's homework without logging in. There is a calendar of all tasks set on the Show My Homework site . There is no need to login to check the information; simply find your child's teacher or year group. 

You can find the calendar here.  You can get the iOS and Android apps to view your child's homework. If you don't know your PIN, let us know and we can help you out. 


We would encrouage all students to download the app and login . Students can login by clicking on the red Google button and enter user their @srwa.co.uk VLE details to login. 

Show My Homework Login

Show My Homework Login

Groupcall Xpressions is being replaced.

We are pleased to announce an imminent upgrade to the means by which you can find information about your child while at the Academy. We know how important it is for our families to be able to get up to date data about progress, behaviour and achievement. 

We have used Xpressions for some time, but as some of you will be aware, it had glitches that often made it difficult to use. 

We have migrated our entire student database to a new system called Arbor, which will give you much more information, in greater detail. While we prepare the launch, we will contact some of our early Xpressions users to participate in a pilot group. Please bear with us in this transition period. Unfortunately, Xpressions will lose functionality during that time but we think you will agree that the new system will be revolutionary.

Watch this space.