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SRWA launches book award for year 6 students

Last week saw the launch of our 6-up Book Award at North Lancing Primary, one of our local feeder schools. The reading scheme, devised and run by our library staff, involves working with local Year 6 primary children to encourage a love of reading, widen their experience and challenge top readers.
The scheme has previously been a huge hit with other local primaries and works on many levels; the pupils read books they might not otherwise have chosen but more importantly they get to meet some of our year 7 top readers, they visit the academy so they are building a relationship with us throughout the year and getting excited about the events our library can offer when they do come up to the academy.
The funding to establish the 6-Up Book Award came from Sompting Big Local, who awarded us £500 to buy the books, provide prizes and resources to support the reading. The students each get an invite to join 6-UP and a 'Reading Passport' which they use to write reviews of the three shortlisted titles.
Around World Book Day (Thursday 1st March 2018) the year 6 students will all come to SRWA for the afternoon where we will have activities based around the themes in the three books. The pupils will vote for their favourite book and the winner will be announced! 
The three shortlisted books this year are: 
The Weight of Water by Sarah Crossan
Close Your Pretty Eyes by Sally Nicholls
Sawbones by Catherine Johnson