Careers Cafe

SRWA Careers Café: A cup of tea and a chat.

So many employers comment that young people aren't ready for the world of work, or don't know what employers want in terms of skills, qualities and attributes. Young people also don't always get to talk to a wide range of people in different and interesting careers. That's why we have introduced our monthly SRWA Careers Café.

You can help our students learn more about the modern world of work and the options and opportunities available to them. You can talk to them about the skills they should be developing, what you look for in an employee and any other wisdom you'd like to share.

These are small events where we invite in a few local business people to have an informal chat with our students over a cup of tea. The conversation could be about your own career and the pathway you took. You might want to share what it is you and your business do. Perhaps you want to find out what our students are interested in and give them some advice.

New government guidance requires students to have a "meaningful encounter" with an employer every year, and we hope you can join us in giving our students exactly that. A meaningful encounter that could help them discover their future. 

Our Careers Cafes for 2018/19 are:

  • 3rd October 2018
  • 14th November 2018
  • 12th December 2018
  • 16th January 2019
  • 13th February 2019
  • 13th March 2019

Each event begins at 8.30am and ends at 9.00am.

We also host larger events each term. Our Careers Lunch has replaced our longstanding Business Breakfast, and it is a longer events which seeks to share details and successes of our business and careers programme, and connects students with businesses over a light lunch.

If you'd like to join us please email either Anne Morley, our careers adviser or Mark Monahan, the assistant principal in charge of careers and 6th form



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